On the East Coast of Canada a “Come From Away”is a uniquely eastern expression for someone who has recently moved to the east coast, but it essentially means you are a visitor. It doesn’t matter if you have been there for a month or years — sometimes you are always a Come From Away.

We moved to Nova Scotia when I was 12 and we were Come From Aways — even decades later people were still knocking on our door looking for fresh fish the previous homeowners were famous for.

But now having lived in six countries and 16 different locations I am fiercely Canadian and proud to be a Come From Away, no matter where I go. There is something special about living and learning for awhile in a new place and making it your home.

My husband and I and our three children currently live in Mexico City. We are exploring the country together on our family adventure.

Lucha libre Mexican wrestling match. The family who wrestles together ….

Some marvel at the escapades we get up to (taking our campervan with a three children — one a newborn — around Europe springs to mind!) and so I thought I would share how it is possible to travel and see the world with children in tow. I started this blog when we were living in Chile so it’s mostly Chile, but the Mexican part is growing fast!

Easter Island

This isn’t going to be filled with “Top 10 Essentials” but rather a simple chat on how we did what we did and whether we liked it. Or not.

Two of our children aren’t your average, typical, run-of-the-mill children so you might also, on occasion, find reference to resources for children with Down’s Syndrome or Hydrocephalus.

So. My Come From Away fellow traveler. Where to next?

Our campervan, Edward, when we lived in the UK.

Published by mamashinetravel

I'm a wife, mother of three children, Canadian Maritimer living in Mexico and planning getaways for the next available long weekend! I'm a Come From Away, but happy to be where I'm at.

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  1. Thrilled you’ve started this, as a fellow Come From Away who always looks to you for travel tips. Look forward to reading more! Xx


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